Insurance Terms & Conditions


$20 per player


Players that purchase insurance during registration are covered with the following guidelines in place.

Cancellation Day Before (by 8am the day before the posted start date) – 100% value of all event registration fees for the following:
Injury/Illness – doctor’s note required (CREDIT)
Jury Duty – jury notice required (CREDIT)
Event canceled due to weather qualifies for 50% refund or 100% credit for value paid for canceled event.
Event date changes prior to the start of the event qualifies for 75% refund or 100% credit for value paid for changed date of event.
Partner – partner drops or no partner found prior to start of the event (event value REFUND if no partner was listed during registration, 100% event value CREDIT otherwise).


Players that do not purchase insurance during registration.
Event plays with format change due to weather.
Disqualification from tournament.
Forfeit for any reason.
Failure to meet minimum notification requirements.